How to make a latte at home


What you'll need 


  • A moka pot. We really like Bialetti and their products are readily available.
  • A manual milk frother. Make sure it has two discs or a double filter, it will froth so much better.
  • A coffee that works for you. We always use Dimma (our darkest roast) for our lattes, but Kaffi (our medium roast) will work as well. Our Dimma cuts nicely through the milk and the chocolate flavor notes are highlighted.
  • A milk that works for you. Whole milk is best for creating a nice froth. Soy and oatmilk are the best non-dairy options.




Step 1

Fill the bottom part of your moka pot with cold water. There is normally a “fill” line that indicates how much water to use. Never put water above the vent/safety valve. Always follow the manufacturer’s directions for your specific moka pot.




Step 2

Grind your whole beans between an espresso grind and filter grind. This can take some trial and error, but eventually you will find the right grind. There should not be too much sediment in the coffee. A finer grind will bring out a stronger flavor.




Step 3

Fill the funnel/filter with coffee. Do NOT tamp it like you would on a espresso machine, it will clog up the funnel/filter. It’s important to get a good seal when closing your moka pot. Make sure there are no coffee grounds in the threads to avoid any coffee spurting out.




Step 4

Place the moka pot on the stove at a low to medium heat setting. You can check on the brewing progress by lifting the lid. You will begin to see the coffee slowly coming up. Once you hear the percolating noise, the coffee is ready.




Step 5

Put your milk in the pitcher. These milk frothers normally work best when the pitcher is filled to half capacity or less. Place the pitcher on the stove without the frother. Heat the milk at low to medium heat. This should be done while the coffee is brewing.




Step 6

When the coffee is ready, pour it in a glass/cup. Always put the coffee in first, it blends nicer with the milk that way.




Step 7

When your milk is warm enough (this is a matter of preference), use the frothing device and quickly pump it up and down. The more often you pump, the more dense the froth will become (this is also a matter of preference). We do about 30 pumps on our device.




Step 8

Pour the milk into the coffee. The ratio of milk to coffee has a big impact on flavor; this is something you will gradually figure out and refine to your liking.




Step 9

The most important step: Enjoy your coffee! If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to contact us at



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