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Kaffi, Icelandic for coffee, is a rotating single origin coffee that you can count on for your classic, everyday cup. Medium or medium dark roast.

Whole Bean - 12oz

Roast level: Dark

Region:   Sul De Minas

Altitude: 920-1080m

Process: Natural

Variety:  Catucai, Catuai, Mundo Novo, Yellow Bourbon, Arara

Farm/Producer:    Isabela Lima Reis


The Lima Reis family has been tending to their century-old farm, cultivating specialty coffees since 1923. Their dedication and passion for coffee is deeply rooted in their family legacy. Produced at 1050 masl of altitude in Nepomuceno city in the South of Minas Gerais, it features varieties such as Yellow Bourbon, Red Bourbon, Catucaí, Arara, Mundo Novo, Red and Yellow Catuaí. This Yellow Bourbon microlot underwent an anaerobic fermentation of mostly mature cherries. Afterward, the cherries were left to dry on the patio for three days before they were finished in a rotary dryer. The coffee has been kept on farm, continually seeing investments and improvements to technology. Isabela and Antônio Lima Reis, alongside their children Gabriela, Júlia, Juliano and Otávio, manage the farms which have been in their family for generations. Sustainability plays an integral role in the high-quality flavors that this coffee has to offer.

Developed in 2014 by Mercon Coffee Group, LIFT gives farmers access to a dedicated and intensive sustainability platform offering in-depth training, access to valuable tools and services, and input from some of the finest agronomists in the origins we operate. Most importantly, LIFT transforms the lives of those behind the coffees we so enjoy daily. Every year, new producers are welcomed and introduced to a unique and holistic training program that is founded on the three pillars of LIFT: Productivity, Social Development, and Environment. These training sessions include coffee plant physiology and nutrition, protection and recovery of water resources, farm and pest management, and financial literacy—among many other topics.

Mercon’s proprietary LIFT Index evaluates farmer productivity, social development, and environmental impact. Performance is monitored to assess farmer growth and ensure a consistent, sustainable, high-quality yeild. Importantly, the LIFT program is fully digitalized, with data collected by agronomists analyzed and shared via the LIFT app.




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